Thursday, June 19, 2008

Longest Day Ride

Although the longest day of the year hasn't technically happened yet, we celebrated it this evening by participating in the annual Ten Speed Spokes ride, and importantly, have the free t-shirt to prove it! I really like the graphic on the shirt!

Jeff and I were a lot stronger on this ride last year and you can see the details on my other blog, but we are OK with our effort today, considering where we are at the moment as far as our fitness. Here's the route we did:

And a graph of the elevation and speed. The graph includes a little at the beginning and end that was just getting from the parking lot to the shop and back. The ride itself was 31.15 miles and we did it at 16.5 mph average.

It was like last year with motorcycle cops guiding us and stopping traffic in Newport. That really makes it feel like a special event! I'd like to have done a bit better, but it's not really worth the 'what ifs'. At least we got out there and had a great time!

In general, we are getting out more. This week we've already done 5 days of riding and 112.28 miles. Plus, we are meeting a friend for a 20 mile ride tomorrow! I'm pleased to be seeing an upward trend in my ride stats, or downward, in the case of heart rate :)


Michael said...

That looks like a great loop to ride. What so you use to track the speed and elevation for the graph?

sarah said...

I use the Garmin Edge 305 with heart rate and cadence sensors. The graph in this post is from the software that comes with the 305. You can also easily upload the data from your Garmin to to get more graphs and even 'playbacks' on a map. For an example of the motion based data, you can click on a link under my ride stats in the sidebar to the right. I got the 305 in February '07 and am really pleased with it. I know several people who have the same model and they all give it good reviews too. I have mounts for it on each of my bikes, though I only have the cadence sensor on the road bike.

suitcaseofcourage said...

Great that you're able to ride more - and that looks like a fantastic ride. What a shirt!!

You're blessed to live near so many great rides -Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

knitseashore said...

I wish we had a local ride to celebrate the solstice like you do. We tried to have a meal at the beach, but the storm rolled in just after we arrived, LOL.