Monday, August 18, 2008

Cheering for Friends

Over the weekend, Jeff and I cheered on some friends in a couple of competitions.

Saturday, a group ride friend competed in the Bayside YMCA Triathlon in Barrington, RI. Here's a view of the swimming stage in progress.

And one of our friend zooming past us on the bike stage.

Sunday, we attended the popular Fall River Crit to cheer for Chris in the Cat 4 race. Although he's sitting in near the very back of the pack here, he earned a 3rd place finish.

There was even a podium ceremony!

What a fun way to spend a beautiful summer weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Fast moving clouds blew in during my ride, forcing me to cut it short. I had a tough slog home, soaked, blinded, and pedaling through standing water, trying to remember where the potholes and things are!

When there was some lightning, I stopped briefly to call about a ride, couldn't get through to anyone and just took a quick pic and got back to pedaling again. Fortunately there wasn't much lightning after all.

It amazed me how people in cars can't seem to resist yelling out their windows things like 'Nice day for it!' and 'Great ride!' And one car load rolled close alongside me for a ways asking for extensive directions as I pedaled blindly though standing water! I'm still not sure if they were genuinely lost or just trying to torture me!

Despite all that, parts of it were actually kind of fun...guess that makes me nuts ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jamestown Ride

Riding toward the Beavertail lighthouse today with Jeff and a friend.

The blimp flew right over us at one point and I managed to hold the camera over my head and get a shot!

Here's a better view from a few minutes later.

Don't you love new pavement? This is 'Hamilton' looking ready for the Jamestown Classic this fall. Hopefully they'll pave the north end of the island now...

Well, some new pavement is good anyway! I just wish I wasn't always going *uphill* on this stretch.

I got carried away and made a little video today which you can see on YouTube if you like.