Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Wrap Up

Well, it is about time I got out of my slump and got myself back into regular riding. September was good with 24 days of riding and a total of 515.09 miles. I focused on getting out as much as possible and mostly did 20-25 mile rides. I'm now to a point where I should start to mix it up with longer rides like my 30-35 mile loop. As the weather inevitably gets colder this time of year I probably won't be able to do many of those as I tend to start really feeling the cold and lose dexterity after 20 miles or so. Perhaps I'll work on doing intervals at the shorter distance.

My weekly miles totals prior to August are so woeful compared with last year that it's hard to fess up with this chart of them, but I have to be honest on this blog as that's kind of the whole point!

The lack of miles in February relates to the death in the family, in March/April it was the flu. I'm not sure how to explain the summer...I guess I'd just lost momentum. At least there is now a nice block of riding showing for the last couple of months and I feel good about that! (Note that the most recent week showing is incomplete as it ends October 4th.)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Legs

After three rain days off the bike, it felt great to get back on X6 today. My legs were fresh and the little saddle soreness I'd started to feel from 11 days in a row of riding was gone.

The weather was really warm, but ranged from bright sun to showers! I pedaled down a short dirt track to this overlook to watch the surfers bobbing in the waves.

The rain shower started right after I took this pic, but only lasted for a few minutes.

(I only had my camphone with me, so sorry pics aren't very crisp.)

It looks like the weather should cooperate for a ride tomorrow which will put me over 500 miles for the month (which is my goal).

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bike Mail

It's dark, windy and raining out today as shown by the weather map, but the soggy trip to the mailbox was totally worth it when I found my new bike gear waiting for me there!

Everything was on sale from Nashbar, Cannondale LE socks, DeFeet kitty socks and a De Marchi jersey.

Here's the official pic of the jersey that does it justice.

I hadn't seen these in person to try on before, but bought a red (muted raspberry shade)/gray one online a few weeks ago. I was so pleased with the great fit and feel of the fabric that I ordered another one in blue!

I frequently seem to have a hard time picking the right outfit for the temperature, especially when it's a transitional time of year like Fall. I tend to overdress and get too hot after I start riding. Recently though, I've been wearing the De Marchi jersey under a Pearl Izumi convertible shell (either with the sleeves or as a vest), along with shorts and feeling just right.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here's a camphone pic to give you some idea of the wind I faced on my ride today.

I don't feel so badly about the prospect of a couple of rain days off the bike now!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

20th Day of Riding This Month

I hope this weather lasts long into the fall! I seem to be back in the habit of riding most days. The view at the point today:

There was a flock of wild turkeys beside the road just hanging out, napping in the the grass, grooming and picking at things.

They didn't seem bothered by me taking pics!

Since I had the camera with me, I snapped a pic of these two donkeys. They are usually hanging out like this. They share a field with all kinds of critters like cows, alpacas, geese, mini ponies...

Friday, September 19, 2008

September Weather

The hazy days are fewer now and I'm feeling invigorated by the clear, crisp days of September. Here are some pics of the boat landing in Middletown, the top rows are from earlier this month showing a hazy day and a foggy day. The last row, brilliantly clear, was today.

The tourists have left for the most part and the animals have come out from wherever it is they hide most of summer. Yesterday, a buck crossed the road in front of me and lingered in a yard. A flock of turkeys were getting their morning dust baths at another point in my ride. Little garter snakes sun on the pavement and sandy roadsides. It's nice when there is so little traffic that most are not squished!!

I've mostly been riding X6, but am still getting out on some road bike rides too.