Friday, September 26, 2008

Bike Mail

It's dark, windy and raining out today as shown by the weather map, but the soggy trip to the mailbox was totally worth it when I found my new bike gear waiting for me there!

Everything was on sale from Nashbar, Cannondale LE socks, DeFeet kitty socks and a De Marchi jersey.

Here's the official pic of the jersey that does it justice.

I hadn't seen these in person to try on before, but bought a red (muted raspberry shade)/gray one online a few weeks ago. I was so pleased with the great fit and feel of the fabric that I ordered another one in blue!

I frequently seem to have a hard time picking the right outfit for the temperature, especially when it's a transitional time of year like Fall. I tend to overdress and get too hot after I start riding. Recently though, I've been wearing the De Marchi jersey under a Pearl Izumi convertible shell (either with the sleeves or as a vest), along with shorts and feeling just right.

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See Zanne Run said...

ahh ... nothing like some nice riding gear arriving in the mail to make up for some bad riding weather! thanks for stopping by my blog - will be back to visit yours too! love the shots of the east coast beaches! - i am a yankee girl, landlocked & transplanted in kentucky ... seeing pictures like yours make me miss the coast!!