Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Wrap Up

Well, it is about time I got out of my slump and got myself back into regular riding. September was good with 24 days of riding and a total of 515.09 miles. I focused on getting out as much as possible and mostly did 20-25 mile rides. I'm now to a point where I should start to mix it up with longer rides like my 30-35 mile loop. As the weather inevitably gets colder this time of year I probably won't be able to do many of those as I tend to start really feeling the cold and lose dexterity after 20 miles or so. Perhaps I'll work on doing intervals at the shorter distance.

My weekly miles totals prior to August are so woeful compared with last year that it's hard to fess up with this chart of them, but I have to be honest on this blog as that's kind of the whole point!

The lack of miles in February relates to the death in the family, in March/April it was the flu. I'm not sure how to explain the summer...I guess I'd just lost momentum. At least there is now a nice block of riding showing for the last couple of months and I feel good about that! (Note that the most recent week showing is incomplete as it ends October 4th.)

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jumbly said...

I've had a similar pattern of riding myself this year. As you say it can be hard to get back into the swing of things once you lose that momentum, but good to see you're managing it!