Friday, October 3, 2008

Today I was...

-Thrashed by the wind.
-Sand blasted by the blowing grains from the beaches.
-Surprised with a cold slap of salt water blown in my face from the crest of a nearby breaking wave.

But I'm NOT whining! I had an awesome ride!!

I did some 'accidental' intervals as I felt very motivated to sprint along sections of the route that were under creaking old trees, some of which had already dropped limbs.

The only drawbacks were pedaling through the blowing sand by the beaches. I had to hold my breath and the sand accumulated everywhere (including my ears!). And, there was a lot of washing up to do when I got home to remove the salty crust from Garmin, my cellphone, helmet, etc. X6 needed a shower from the hose outside.

Here's a camphone pic of some of the waves! Look at all that red seaweed!


madalyn said...

Kudos to you -- I would have been complaining up a storm, I can promise you! I hate riding outdoors when it's cold (and for me, "cold" is anything below 60 degrees). You should have heard me being a big old crybaby last night when my husband and I went out for a ride (cloudy, 57 degrees, 21 mph wind gusts... I was not a happy cyclist... if that makes me a wimp, then so be it)!

See Zanne Run said...

i'm loving all your coastal ride pictures! am a new englander transplanted & landlocked in kentucky ... can almost smell that dreamy sea air! sounds like a fun ride!