Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another 'Bonus' Day

Today was originally forecast to be rainy, but the storm blew through in the night and the sun and temps in the 60's pulled me outside and onto the bike. So much for a real rest day, but I figured I could take it easy on the bike and keep it to 20 miles.

Every time I go out in shorts this time of year I say 'this is probably the last time 'til spring', while secretly hoping for some more bonus days. I didn't really need the jacket today. Looking at this picture, I can see I should get my own rather than using one of Jeff's. The sleeves are ridiculous looking (and probably slow me down with all that wind drag!).

Jeff, looking like it's summertime, except for the long sleeved jersey.

Just a shot of the surf as I rolled on past.

I hesitate to write this for fear of jinxing things, but the forecast for this week is looking rather nice, apart from Tuesday. Could there be more bonus days on the way? I'll do a couple solo rides, a group ride and at least one with my newest ride buddy. Jeff will get to do the group ride and at least one other, so he can keep his legs feeling happy too.

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Devorah said...

Here's hoping for more bonus days. I managed to ride to work 4 days last week. This week looks similar.

I'm also wearing a jacket of Mike's to ride in -- think of it as room for additional layering. ;-)