Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best Week So Far

I had my best week of riding this year having logged 155.53 miles in 6 days of riding. I did 4 solo rides, but made a new bike friend on one of those. On Friday, I met up with my great new bike friend and that motivated me to do a 38 mile ride. Today, Jeff rode with me for 32 miles. I'm feeling a little tired, but want to take advantage of every warm, sunny day before winter.

Today, as we pedaled along Newport Harbor, we saw two huge cruise ships and the town was busy which should be good for the local businesses. In the first picture I captured a moment of Newport Cycle Chic (like CCC), a girl riding a bike and exercising her dog.

Just thought I'd include one more picture of the cruise ships with a bit of Fort Adams on the left and part of the Newport Bridge in the distance to give you some sense of scale.

We were on the cross bikes, so we took the much potholed dirt road to this overlook to admire the view. It was popular with the scuba divers today, though I didn't manage to include any of them in this picture.

Tomorrow, there is a local NBW club ride. I think Jeff and I will bike to the start and ride part of the route, but turn off for home rather than going all the way back to the start point.

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