Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shorts For the Next Few Days!

For a day that started out dark and rainy, it turned out pretty nice and warm! It was great to be back in shorts after several rides feeling oppressed in tights and heavier jerseys.

Look for evidence in the picture of how strong the wind was though...the kite surfers were flying, sometimes literally! That's got to be an amazing rush, but must require quite a bit of talent and coordination. I'd probably end up tangled in the ropes, so I'll just stick with biking!

This has been a good week for riding so far (with 4 days of riding already) and it's only going to get better. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and warm for at least the next 3 days. And, I have a new bike friend!

You know how I do most of my riding on the same roads every time. Well, I tend to see a lot of other bikers and have gotten to recognize quite a few (by their bikes more than what they actually look like though!). I usually nod or wave or smile or say hi or some combination of those things depending on what they do. Most of the time we are passing in opposite directions, so I don't have to wonder how much to say to someone, but sometimes I end up riding along with someone for a way. I wonder, are they chatty or are they trying to escape into the happy exercise zone and have quiet? I vary between feeling chatty and driven. Usually I don't say a whole lot to avoid potentially being irritating.

However, I keep seeing a woman riding my same route and was starting to be really curious about her! Anyway, after some waving and a couple of brief chats in the past, yesterday we actually did a significant amount of our ride together and finally got around to exchanging contact info. We already have plans for meeting up tomorrow! I am so pleased to have a new bike friend who shares such a similar ride routine. Having people to ride with really seems to be one of the best ways to stay motivated.

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madalyn said...

How nice that you have a new riding buddy! Most of the cyclists I see on my normal route are men, and they're riding in the opposite direction. Like you, I typically just nod or wave. Sometimes, if our schedules work out right, I can ride with my husband. But most often I ride by myself.