Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Legs

After three rain days off the bike, it felt great to get back on X6 today. My legs were fresh and the little saddle soreness I'd started to feel from 11 days in a row of riding was gone.

The weather was really warm, but ranged from bright sun to showers! I pedaled down a short dirt track to this overlook to watch the surfers bobbing in the waves.

The rain shower started right after I took this pic, but only lasted for a few minutes.

(I only had my camphone with me, so sorry pics aren't very crisp.)

It looks like the weather should cooperate for a ride tomorrow which will put me over 500 miles for the month (which is my goal).

1 comment:

madalyn said...

I think the photos look great, even if they were taken on a camphone!