Saturday, January 12, 2008

1/12/08 Weekly Ride Report

The weather warmed up and the roads were clear this week, so I got out 4 days on X6 for a total of 96.71 miles. It felt great to be out again, though I got a bit saddle sore the first day. I doubled up the padded bike shorts and tights the next days and felt a lot better!

Today, Jeff joined me for a ride and I played around with the video feature on the camera to make this little movie of the ride.


suitcase of courage said...

VERY cool video! And VERY impressed with the amount of time you were able to focus on Jeff while riding yourself(?!) Gives a whole new meaning to "Look Ma - no hands!"

Great editing and post production too. Crossfading?! Wow - how'd you do all that? Is that something YouTube allows you to do, or do you have to do it with software on your computer (or camera)?

Looks like you're enjoying the new high-speed pipeline!

sarah said...

Thanks, Mr. Suitcase!
I shot all but the last bit of the movie while pedaling too and I used Windows Movie Maker for editing.

belaybunny said...

Great video - it looks like you have some lovely places to cycle in :)

belaybunny said...

Just a little message to say, I hope you're feeling ok at this sad time. Also, when you're up to it, I've nominated you for a special blog award over on my blog. Take care.