Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 Wrap Up

Things fizzled out in December due to weather and holiday commitments, but it was still a great year for me overall.

For a little background information, I really got into biking a lot in July of 2006 and started keeping records of my rides. Here's the summary for 2006, so you can see what I was starting from.

Almost all these rides were on my mountain bike. A few rides at the very end of December were on a borrowed road bike. We had a really mild winter in 2006 as you can tell from the number of rides I did in November and December.

My highlights of 2007 were getting my first road bike in February and my first cyclocross bike in September. Also, riding my first Century.

Here is the table for my 2007 outdoor rides:

And a chart of the above table, plus trainer miles:

Here is a chart of all my mileage by week:

A few interesting totals:
Solo rides: 51
Group rides: 46
Mountain bike rides: 4
Road bike rides: 140
'cross bike rides: 31


Michael said...

Congratulations on reaching and exceeding your goal. That's great! Hope you do the same in '08.

Take care and stay safe.

belaybunny said...

wow, I am impressed. well done on achieving your goal too. Do you have any different goals for this year? I'm hoping to up the time I manage weekly on my bike, cos I'm limited to fitting in round the kids and DH's shifts!! And my gloves are the cyclone ones btw - great choice aren't they!! ;) I hope your weather improves so you can get back out more.

Devorah said...

Impressive! Good luck for this year!