Monday, August 31, 2009

August Metric

A break in the humidity happened just in time for me to get my August metric century with a few days to spare! I rode X6 and started off very well, but mid way my feet got very sore with a pins and needles sensation and it killed my tempo. I also ran out of water and was painfully dry as the weather was still pretty hot.

Jeff kept me company for much of the ride, joining me 22 miles in and, fortunately, with eight miles still to go, Jeff took the turn to the house, grabbed some water and brought it to me in the truck. What a relief!!

At Sachuest Point, I stopped short to get a photo of this buck with velvety antlers. He wasn't at all frightened, even walking toward me a little! This is the closest I've gotten to a deer out there as they are usually out across the field more.

Garmin actually shut off on me during the ride, but I managed to notice pretty quickly and you can see I still got a distance of 63.30 miles. With the crazy pains in both feet and being dehydrated, my speed ended up at 14 mph overall...which was disappointing especially after a fairly zippy start to the ride. Oh well, I just don't do well in summer weather!

I'm really looking forward to the fall and starting to ramp up mileage again. I had a good 20 mile X6 ride today. I think the next metrics will feel a lot better, assuming we don't have early snowstorms or something!!


Red Bike said...

Congratulations on just nipping in with this late entry.

Rather jealous of the hot weather you've got. We've got rain and high winds :(

Buttsy said...

Well done, love the pic of the deer and I have a question what does x6 mean? Maybe it is obvious but I am not sure.

Now as someone who has been riding bikes for a while - dehydration is a BIG NO NO and you should know better. A ride of 100km needs food and water or wlse you can get into all sorts of serious trouble.

OK jumping off my soapbox now.......
I nearly got a century in the other day. I did 97km...oh well.....

sarah said...

(X6 is my 'cross bike, it's a Cannondale.)

Danial123 said...

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