Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 Review

A bit of a fizzle...but let's try to find the bright spots, OK?

Trio's Metric Century A Month Challenge...I did 10/12. Still, I think it was pretty good considering my New England environment, though I succumbed in the end to knee pain, not weather.

My knees have always been an issue for me, so it wasn't really a surprise that my right one started to become very sore in August. That pain, on top of generally feeling lousy in the hot weather, led both consciously and unconsciously to me putting energy into other things that were easier than getting on the bike and also kind of refreshing mentally (though I still love cycling!). Unfortunately, my knee continues to be sore despite all the rest with pedaling and stairs being the most problematic.

Here is my overview table of riding by month.

And, here are the graphs, just because they are fun and easy to make and what else am I to do with all the lists of numbers? This year's graph, with all the riding at the beginning is basically the opposite of 2008's graph with all the build up at the end! As pretty as it would be to have an even graph, I don't think it's something I can happily do. I think it's in my nature to have, er, cycles of cycling.

For the first time, I tracked the percentage of rides per bike/trainer as shown in the pie chart.

And the percentage of miles per bike/trainer as shown below.

I just wondered what I made the most use of and I like justification for a house full of bike stuff too ;)

So, thinking about 2010...After 10 (!) weeks off, I want to build up very slowly and see how it goes on the trainer. I would be happy with a much lower total mileage this year if my knees held up. I hope to spend some of the time I would have spent on the bike doing more walking.

Let's hope I keep on adding to my 'life' miles without too many huge gaps. Here is the updated table of my miles by year since I started recording them.

This last chart shows the distribution of the above miles by week. I know the font is too small to see, but you get the idea...the vertical axis is miles in increments of 50, the horizontal axis is weeks 1-52 repeated for each year. The color key is blue=outside, red=trainer.

Happy Riding in 2010, everyone!!!


trio said...

Wondered where you had disappeared to. I also have knee problems, but the biking doesn't seem to cause problems, in fact lack of exercise is one of the main triggers these days as then my muscles are not strong enough.

Hope you are ok and have a great 2010.

Michael said...

That is still pretty good mileage for the year. I like the graphs. Hope your knee improves soon.

Bluenoser said...

Yes same here, that is great miles fore the year with a bad knee. Thanks for the graphs and pies.


Anonymous said...

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BettyBetty said...

Hey Sarah - maybe have your bike set-up looked at again. Sometimes something as simple as saddle height can make those knees hurt much less.

Anonymous said...

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