Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blow Out Week

I've done 2 group computrainer sessions this week. Wednesday, Jeff went with me. The profile was set on an easy course with minimal hills and trending downhill overall (Whidbey Island) and the dvd was a CTS climbing workout. Because the course was relatively flat, we could follow the dvd and change our cadence and effort as needed. It was a fun way to use the computrainer, though I also like just following a course like I did before.

Friday, I did the CTS cycling for fitness interval workout while on the same course as Wednesday's ride.

Jeff and I have been using our old tires on the trainer so we don't wear down new ones. Well, apparently other people do that too and when we were setting up on Wednesday we heard that some one's tire had blown earlier in the day. They told us it made a ticking noise before it blew. That turned out to be valuable information later on! Jeff's wheel starting ticking, he stopped pedaling and we all looked with dismay at how deformed his tire was! He got off his bike and let the air out right away and spared us having to hear the bang. One of the mechanics had a new tire on the wheel in no time and Jeff was able to continue his workout.

It turned out that the shop was getting trainer specific tires in stock the next day, so I planned to pick up one for each of us at my Friday session.

Friday, I got the new tires and one of the mechanics quickly put it on my wheel over my old tube. Well, maybe the tube was pinched a little, or there was sand or it was just old. A few minutes into my session, the bike felt bouncy and as I was looking to see if the front tire was flat and slowed my rpms, I heard tick, tick, tried hard to stop the wheel, but it immediately went BOOM under me. Ack! I'm glad that happened in the trainer and not outside! I'll bet it shows up on my heart rate graph! The new tire was fine, but the tube had a big hole in it. The mechanic did a quick tube change and I was back on the bike for the rest of the workout.

I've also done 4 rides at home on the Kinetic, but Thursday's ride was only 30 minutes. My legs felt heavy and I just wanted to loosen them up a little and have them ready for Friday's group ride. I did a total of 103.37 miles this week. Today is my recovery day unless I get restless later!

You can probably tell that Jeff and I are smitten with the computrainer. We are seriously thinking about buying one for home use...maybe very soon! They are expensive, but occasionally we get something big for both of us that counts for all the little holidays and birthdays and most of Christmas, all at once. I'll let you know as soon as we decide for sure!


kate said...

i'm predicting that by the end of the month you'll have you're own one! you really sound like you'reenjoying your biking at the moment :)

Sprocketboy said...

I have been using the Continental trainer-specific tire for a few years. It is excellent, although you have to get used to the weird orange colour. No flats, and no rubber dust all over the wall either.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Any particular reason for all the trainer blow outs? I understand the wear and tear on the tires, but I'm having a hard time equating that with tubes blowing up and the tick, tick noise. Just curious...can you tell I'm not too fond of trainers?? LOL!

the aforementioned jeff said...

well, 'tick' is just a word. if you had to pick a word that sounded like the sound, perhaps 'flup' would come closer? that's what happened when my tread separated, kind of a flup-flup-flup-flup noise.

sarah said...

I think it was just coincidence that there were a few blow outs in one week and due mostly to trying to 'use up' last season tires and tubes on the trainer. I'm glad I learned that there is a little noise to clue me in that the tire is about to go boom so it's not a complete surprise! The trainers do wear out regular tires, so I'm happy to have a rugged one now. My friend ribuck uses the yellow conti and likes it. I got the Maxxis because it was what the LBS had available. So far, so good!

Bob McEnaney said...

I love your comments and your writing style! Keep up the good work!