Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Dog Days of .. Winter?

I am doing well with my trainer rides, but they do not make interesting blog fodder! When I am posting infrequently, you can always check for signs of life in my sidebar where you will see an increase in my trainer mileage total after each workout.

We don't have much snow, but what we do have is hard and icy and treacherous. The dogs definitely have an advantage when we go out as they flair their toes and dig in with their toenails. Their exercise is undisrupted and they are very fit and strong. Their favorite activity is tug-o-war.

I am the referee and sometimes I have to step on the old flattened football and call a time out. Don't be fooled by these big puppy eyes...Silas gets the most penalties! He gets time outs for putting a paw high on Saffy's neck and shoving and for rough body checking.

Despite an ominous, gray sky, there was no precipitation earlier today.


kate said...

well done for keeping up with the indoor stuff. silas certainly knows how to work the camera!

Buttsy said...

When you are on the trainer, are you inside a room in the house, or just in the shed...When it is so cold outside, what type of gear do ou wear on the trainer. I am on the trainer tonight and it will be bike shorts and a t-shirt and I will sweat buckets!

Michael said...

That is amazing trainer miles. I am always finding reasons not to set mine up.

Itchy Bits said...

My great great great grandfather was named Silas!