Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekly Stats

I rode 6 days, 124.46 miles, all on the trainer. I've had a rest today, so I can start a new week fresh tomorrow!


Glenn_in_MA said...

You asked, "Have you had any luck finding time to go to Village Bicycle for a computrainer ride?"

No...haven't even been on my own trainer (pretty pathetic...I know)!! Just started another home improvement project so that's been eating up any spare time. If I can get on my own trainer a few times and not kill my knees, then I'll think about going.

Martinator said...

How does one measure miles on a trainer?

sarah said...

I use my Garmin Edge 305 with the GPS turned off. It picks up the data from the rear wheel sensor. Seems pretty close to what the computrainer measures. I do keep a tally of my trainer miles separate from my outdoor miles, and I keep track of time spent on the trainer as well.