Saturday, May 23, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend to those celebrating! It's officially planting time here in New England and I've been going around to the garden shops for supplies and working on the yard. Here's the freshly mulched herb bed by the patio/grill area. You can see a bit of oregano, thyme, sage and basil. I also have some other things like parsley, lavender, horehound and marjoram.

The veggie garden area has had another tilling and I have seedlings ready to plant out this week. It won't be a big garden this year, but it will be nice to have some organic goodies this summer. The dogs do enjoy the veggies too and would be very disappointed not to have over-sized zucchini to eat!

The Island is getting so busy and while I love the nice weather for so many things, in terms of biking, I'm really missing the peace and quiet of fall and wintertime. I rode 4 days/101.56 miles this week.


Buttsy said...

Nice pics of the herb garden I am thinking about starting a herb garden but we are heading into winter here, so what would you recommend. I have some sad looking rosemary growing...but am open to any ideas.??

Groover said...

I love fresh herbs from the garden. Unfortunately my basil and parsley is not growing as fast as we are eating it so I have to supplement from the supermarket now and then ... the taste is not half as intense as the homegrown herbs.

sarah said...

I am always running out of parsley, basil and cilantro even summers when I have larger clumps out in the veggie garden too!

Things that overwinter here and thrive are the oregano, thyme and sage. If the winter is very mild, the rosemary can survive, but it doesn't usually make it.

Things like horehound and feverfew tend to self sow, but I have to replant the parsley, basil and cilantro each season.

Keep me posted on what you are growing!

Debby said...

We used to have an herb garden at the old house and I miss it. I'm hoping to start some lavender plants at least.

The summer tourists are definitely out in force now!