Friday, May 8, 2009

Meandering May Metric

When I saw the sun shining this morning, I was determined to get a long ride in to make up for the lack of miles this week due to rain and feeling somewhat ill!

At the outset, I figured I'd go for the century distance, but it would be pokey given that I'd be riding on the Island and the fair weather traffic is picking up. It was more pokey than I'd anticipated for this time of year! I probably should have just done loops around Middletown, but I ventured into Newport and that's where I couldn't maintain any sort of momentum due to slow downs/stops at every intersection, slow downs and detours for road repairs/mowing and just having to ride along at the speed of the traffic flow.

All that didn't really effect my spirits though. After so much rain and being cooped up it felt good to spend all the time I could outside. I even stopped briefly at Brenton Point to gaze down at the waves breaking over the small beach below.

A view across the Bay.

And my bike, looking out to sea.

I had no appetite today and ate nothing until after my ride (and not much then). I was parched though and drank plenty of water and one bottle of Nuun. Fortunately as it was a relaxed, solo effort I didn't have to worry about bonking and being a drag for a partner.

May Metric Stats
63.09 miles
4:16 hours
14.8 mph average
2,721 elevation gain

Only 7 more to do!!


Red Bike said...

I absolutely love riding to the sea! Sadly, due to the distances involved this means either camping half way or a car journey part way.

I think your the only person doing Trios challange whos managed a century every month. Does that make you the winner or is the most number in the year? - I wonder if you get a prize?

kate said...

hey redbike my indoor one counts too ;)

well done sarah. you're certainly the most consistent of all of us. just realised that you don't post half as many photos of your bike as everyone else...maybe there's something in that ;)

Red Bike said...

Sorry Kate, I thought the "?" listing on Trios blog meant it was still in dispute.

Buttsy said...

Fantastic and I love seeing the graphs of efforts that everyone writes on their always have great is funny thuogh the first pic I was thinking..hey you are on the wrong side of the road....that is a bit dangerous and then I remembered that it is us that ride on the wrong century a month is a fantastic effort

trio said...

Jon you haven't missed a month yet!!!

kate I'm still not sure it counts, but once you write you may one up I might change my mind!

Some great pics Sarah, I think you are too fast though!