Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wrap Ups

Just a quick post to update the recent stats! For the past week, I did 5 rides around my short route for 111.88 miles total. For April, I rode 20 days and a total of 533.24 miles.

This is the weather outlook for the next week...I'm hoping I can get out to ride between the rain showers?!


kate said...

good luck with getting out next week, remember you can always pedal indoors ;)

Buttsy said...

57 is cold, but we are in that range here at the moment in Sunny Australia (in Victoria in the south, coming into winter....our temps have been about 60-75 during the day.....more like 68..I think doing the conversion)

Anonymous said...

hhhhmm, not much of a good forecast is it??!! We have rain here too, typically on a bank holiday when we wanted to take the kids out. I hope the forecast is wrong or that you have plenty of wet weather gear!!! In between showers yesterday, I managed to get a couple of photos of my new bike for you up on my blog. ;)