Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jeff's 1000 Days and A Weekly Wrap Up

I'm so happy to have like minded company here in blogland when it comes to spending on cycling! I do try to keep it in check a little, but also feel like there's no time like the present when it comes to fitness items that contribute to good health and happiness. If I'm being completely honest, I was pretty much tallying up the expenses to see if I could readily justify buying some more things from my cycling wish list, or Jeff's.

Speaking of Jeff, I've been tracking his mileage too, so some of you might be interested to know that in the same 1000 day period as I posted for me, Jeff rode 333 days, exactly 1/3! He rode 7,129.67 miles. He's spent the same as me…we have to keep it fair around here.

Today's ride was a tough one as we'd expected a summery day and instead had fog, wind and low 50's F for temps! In this pic Jeff pushes into the headwind as his jacket billows out even though it's so fitted.

And, a little further along, on the bridge, there wasn't much of a view. There were a lot of other cyclists out, probably expecting better weather too. In fact, there was a cyclist coming towards us in this picture, but you can only barely see his head and shoulders over the guardrail.

My knees are still bothering me, so I was especially glad I'd pulled on the tights at the last minute. My joints were even chilled through those, so I can imagine the torture bare knees would have been!

The sun actually did burn through the fog at the end of our ride, maybe tomorrow will be a bit nicer? I'm planning to bike the short loop followed by more yard work.

It was a light-ish week of riding, 5 days/101.10 miles. Weather and knees didn't really want to cooperate, but it's still plenty of riding for maintenance.


BettyBetty said...

So bizarre that you guys didn't get any of that warmth. Yesterday was high 80's with gusty wind. I rode at 6 on Sat to avoid more sun as I sat out on a hot baseball field for hours already. Today is even warmer and much less wind. Clear sunny skies. Riding should be fun later >>>> yard work first! By the way what are you buying? I lost one of my castelli knee warmers and I am in mourning but reluctant to buy another set.

ribuck97 said...

Missed you guys on a great group ride at Village Bicycles this morning... Was a great ride. I'll post an update in a few.

So what are you going to buy?? The suspense is killing me!!

Time to get updating my blog... lots to type up (cruise, bike fitting, and the ride).

ribuck97 said...

Oh and Betty, too bad about the warmers. I have a pair of PI warmers that I've used once. Don't know there size. I'll find em and if they are your size, you are more than welcome to them.

sarah said...

I don't have any one big purchase planned at the moment, but am going to order some kit for the summer, a rear wheel/cassette for trainer use...and thinking about a light set of wheels at some point, something Jeff and I can share at first to see what we think of the difference :)