Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Metric

With the temps reaching the 60's F, we are wearing shorts at last, hooray!! There are a lot of spring blooms like this pretty tree.

I've had knee pain this week, so I was a little worried when we set out today, but riding with only Jeff meant I'd be able to ease off anytime I felt too much strain. There were some aches, but I think the knees are getting better.

It was just Tiverton/Little Compton again, so I won't bother with the same old map! We did a lot of retracing on this ride, but it was interesting to feel the terrain in the other direction and I saw quite a few different features of houses and things. You can see the repeating parts in the elevation profile.

The speed profile.

April Metric
66.73 miles
4:08 hours
16.1 mph average
+2,986 elevation
fuel: latte before riding, then 2 bottles mango Gatorade, 1 toffee-chocolaty-nutty-yummy Power Bar

For the week, I did 5 rides/159.66 miles. Today's ride got me past 2,000 total miles year to date. My outside mileage is finally greater than my trainer rides: 1,048.97 outside!


Sprocketboy said...

It is soooo nice to see flowering trees! I will have to wait a while yet here as it is still below freezing at night. I am impressed with your motivation and that oingo-boingo ride! Mango Gatorade is new to me--I find the fruit punch is the only version I can handle.

Red Bike said...

Congratulations on another century.

kate said...

belated congratulations for the april century! think you're the only one so far-eek!