Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

My Uncle and Aunt sent me a Bunny Buck this year which really surprised me as I'd not heard of such a thing. I opened the card, thought 'hey money!', looked at it a little closer and laughingly saw the bunny and realized it was play money...but no! I picked it up and it felt like real money!! Upon closer inspection one can see the sticker part and the card included some info about the fund raising aspect of Bunny Bucks.

The funniest part was quietly leaving it out for Jeff to find and then watching him go through the same thought process =)

As for last week's ride report, April is proving to be a tough month to ride in, with wind and unseasonably low temps. It briefly snowed yesterday. I did 2 group rides and 2 solo rides for a total of 102.25 miles.

I also started the spring yard work this week and sawed a lot of shrubs back. My shoulders and the insides of my forearms are really feeling it, so let's count that as exercise too!


Lost Sheep said...

It's lil late, but Happy Easter to you too! I seem to have gotten too many huge Lindt Bunnies this'll take a while to munch through them all!

A Midnight Rider said...

There is a pretty good ride in Mattapoisett on the 26th. It's for the MUP grand opening. It's a twenty buck charge for a 40 mile ride, but the cause is good.

Maybe I'll see you there. I may do Village Bike on Sunday.

kate said...

a belated happy easter from me too! i have eaten too many of those choc bunnies that i can't even bear to look at that photo!!
ps-gardening counts, just cut the lawn and have sore forearms

sarah said...

Midnight Rider,
Thank you for that link! I'm probably not going to make it to Village tomorrow, I'm going to try to do some more yard work and finally get the garden tilled. I can't put that off any longer!