Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekly Miles and a Group Ride

It was kind of a rainy week and I didn't feel like wrestling my trainer tire back onto my road bike, so I had 3 days off! I still did 3 cx rides and 1 group road ride for a total of 106.46 miles.

The rain cleared out and we had an overcast, windy morning for the Saturday group ride. Seven started out together though we broke into groups of 5 and 2 in Little Compton.

I could have ridden sweep like this all day!!

The elevation profile. We can find some hard flats here on the coast!

And the speed profile, 15.8 mph average.

The only downside of the ride? Worms. Guess who cleaned both bikes? Well, to be fair Jeff did go to the dump in trade for me cleaning bikes. But,'s my rear brake...I'll leave the condition of the down tube to your imagination!

The weather is supposed to be even better tomorrow and we hope to do a local shop ride then, if I can get up after being out late tonight!


ribuck97 said...

There was another downside to the ride... one bonified redneck that thought he owned the road! First let me start off that I was riding beside the second person in the paceline at the time. But this guy starts honking like crazy from way back coming up fast because none of the others in the back yelled car. All of the sudden, this jerk blows by me and misses my by what felt like 6-12". WAY TOO CLOSE. I was furious and had bad thoughts for a second but thought better of it. I calmed down and we continued our ride. About 5 minutes later, I see the pickup he was driving parked at a local store. Just are luck as we ride by, he is coming out. I politely said "Good morning! Have a nice day" and waved. No rudeness, nothing. Then someone tells me he had a bumper sticker that read "Soldier of the Road" or something to that effect.

All in all, it was a great ride! We just need some weather that is above 50F and sunny.

sarah said...

That was a scary moment. When I wrote up my post I was still too traumatized by seeing that guy swerve at you to write about it without getting nerved up more and decided to just complain about the worms instead. I'm just so thankful you were not hit!

Groover said...

Eew. Worms? That looks pretty yuk. But glad you got a nice ride in after all the rain.

Carl Buchanan said...

Outside of the redneck driver it looks like your ride was pretty good.

I'm with you on the worms too....gross. :)

kate said...

worms and rednecks-aarrh! ....exactly how big are these worms?

sarah said...

they are earthworms that come onto the pavement during the rain...3-4 inches long and a bit more plump than the dry ones you see in the picture :P

kate said...

a healthy protein snack ;)

sarah said...

HA! I did remark to Jeff that it was just 'worm jerky', like beef jerky, as I was scraping it off the bikes! I was pretty careful to keep my mouth closed on the ride in the wormy sections. I think no amount of Gatorade would have been enough to wash the taste/texture of worm out of my mouth ;)