Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Far..

I think logging ride days and miles makes me even more conscious of how quickly time passes! Since a quarter of the year is up I figured I'd post some stats so far. I'm very happy with the miles, but want to build up speed. I've been too content with base miles and will have to push myself more. Hopefully I'll get there doing intervals and group rides with friends to inspire me.

Here's my table showing number of days and miles biked by month.

And, the miles by week chart that you are familiar with. My outside miles are catching up to the trainer ones as the weather gets better. (The most recent week showing is not complete.)

YTD Outside Ride Details
Solo Rides: 15 (set out alone, but found friends on 5 of these rides)
Rides With Jeff: 8
Group Rides: 1
CX: 19
Road: 4


Buttsy said...

YThe excel spreadsheets are great and the graphs make a really great picture of what you have accomplished with your miles.

I also beleive that it is not just the amount of time "on the bike" or "in the knicks" as my father in law says....but to improve you need to challenge yourself in whichever way...I think riding in the snow would be enough to challenge most of us, but I do hard efforts and heart rate sessions to challenge myself, especially on the trainer as it makes the time go faster and you get fitter....

Love the spreadsheet and you certainly must be tough to do so much indoor training

Daniella said...

I have been keeping track of my rides (which are always outside) in a little notebook in my garage and see my distance and speed improving - it's such a motivator. Oh and I have my tune up appointment next monday and will also go into a my click pedal. I was at the bike shop today buying another pair of shorts (gosh why are they so expensive? :) Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes - my bike store guys assures me I will not leave the store and fall - oh I hope not!!!!

ribuck97 said...

Great work on all of the mileage. Do you actually have a goal in mind or do you just want to get faster? I think you should do some cross races!

Can't wait to get out on more group rides with everyone!

Most years, I probably only average maybe 2000 miles. I'm going to try and double it this year and see how it helps my results from the local LBS ITT.

kate said...

quarter of the year all ready, i hadn't even thought about it like that!! as always great consistent was. i'm really impressed that you seem to do all this work without a specific goal.

Biking Badger said...

Nothing like a graph to show you how you been doing. The visual feedback really helps me stay focused although my graph has some alarming empty columns

Simon Lewis said...

Hi. Just found your blog. I really enjoyed reading it.

I do a monthly spreadsheet like you but not a weekly one. I just did it and was shocked at how inconsistant my training is unlike yours. 200 miles one week, 30 the next. I must improve.

I was also looking at your maps and was going to say that I know Tiverton really well but then I realised your Tiverton is no where near my Tiverton. Mine is in Devon in the south west of the UK.

BettyBetty said...

Love your charts. I could never be so organized - I've been riding 5 years and I still really don't know how many miles I do a year and I rarely look at my Garmin data unless I am testing myself. Sigh.