Saturday, March 21, 2009

End of a Week

Today was the second outside ride of the year on my road bike. It is feeling good from its last tuneup and has a fresh set of tires on it.

Jeff and I did 55.22 miles at 15.8 mph average on many of the same roads as last weekend's long ride, but we didn't go as far and varied it a little.This was a farm we passed today.

For the week, I did 5 rides/147.72 miles. Four on the cross bike and 1 on the road bike. This was the first week of the year with no trainer time!


kate said...

no trainer time! are you having any withdrawal symptoms?!

Debby said...

Looks like you are really enjoying your rides, despite the cold and wind out there! I want to ride around Tiverton again, but it's going to be a long while yet. :)

A Midnight Rider said...

Geesh. I though my 50 miles a week was a lot.

zanne said...

It's so nice to finally get off that trainer!! We had a really nice stretch of super weather where we could be outside everyday in just shorts & jerseys - amazing how fast you get spoiled, cause it inevitably got cold again & the trainer just looked dreadful.