Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bird Sightings

Today, I spotted these snow geese along my short route. One of the fun things about biking around here is the diversity of birds you see, especially in the colder months when they are migrating or over wintering.

Of course we have the common ones as well, like these mallards I see just about every ride in the same place. Maybe there will be ducklings later on.


kate said...

you're not riding fast enough if you can twitch as well ;) you call bird watchers 'twitchers' too?

sarah said...

I've never heard that expression before! I love it! The 'twitchers' are in a stir over the snow geese. I go past this section of road 4 times in all, and all but one time cars were pulling off the road and people with lenses the length of my arm were hopping out with no notice of anyone trying to bike thru!

A Midnight Rider said...

I have run into a lot of bird watchers on my dog walks lately. A couple have commented that there are some unusaly fowl in my area.

Anonymous said...

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