Friday, March 6, 2009

Melty Snow

The snow is melting quite a bit today and I'm hoping there won't be more! But I have to say, it is fun to play in the snow with the dogs when the air temperature is relatively warm. The melting snow is the perfect consistency for snowballs.

There is all that snow in the yard, but the only snow they want is the snowball I'm holding!

One snowball is not enough! Saffy misses most of it as she tries to avoid a collision with Silas.

She's so happy when she finally gets one to herself.

We'll be back to mud season soon...just imagine what these two dogs look like after play time then!!


kate said...

that last shot is the best, i can just imagine her disappointment as she bites right through it!

2paw said...

What snowball fun!!! Pats to Saffy and Silas!!!