Saturday, March 7, 2009

1st Week of March

March arrived with snow and frigid temps, but things got way better today and we got some sun and warmth due to us! It was so nice, I had Jeff grill lunch for us.

Burgers with secret seasoning, caramelized onions and mushrooms with thyme and a splash of sherry vinegar on a toasted english muffin with a little lite mayo. Very summery! We ate indoors though...too much snow on the patio!

After a little rest to let lunch settle, we felt fueled and ready to ride. Here's Jeff showing his pasty white legs! Yikes, makes the pic look overexposed! Those are a pair of the new shorts I ordered for him recently too. I think the gray looks good.

We rode out Ocean Drive and back past the glammy Newport Country Club. No danger of wayward golf balls today as the ground is so muddy.

It got up to about 61 degrees and felt very warm in general, though a bit chilly in the hollows and along the beaches in the sea mist.

The rides this week were 1 outdoor ride of 35.99 miles and 5 computrainer rides of 122.12 miles, a total of 158.11 for the week.

This week's computrainer total was really boosted by one ride in particular, 46.46 miles. It took me 4 hours as there was over 4,000 feet of climbing! Lately, I've been treating most of the computrainer rides as base mile rides and not worrying about intervals or speed work, but I will begin that soon. I will miss the relative ease of base miles, I'm sure!!

Base mile trainer time is the non guilty way to watch a lot of TV. A couple posts ago, Buttsy asked me what I've been watching. Most recently, I'm working through Firefly with Jeff watching that too. I've watched all of Dr. Who, Samantha Who, all sorts of movies. As for current shows, I like Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty, The Office, 30 Rock and Biggest Loser. Also two detective shows, Life and Life on Mars. I put the sound volume up a little louder than usual, but not too much. If it's a lot of talk, I'll have the captions turned on so I don't miss subtle things. Bike race footage has been good too, of course!

Sometimes, I do just watch the numbers and profile as I ride. When I do the intervals, I'll play a CTS dvd or something to follow. I'm not good at keeping track of time and what to do without the dvd telling me. When I start doing TT efforts on it, I'll just have the profile graphics so I focus.

I've just played around on the computrainer a bunch too. It's fun to see how fast I can pedal, most watts I can put out, etc... But I haven't done that sort of stuff in a way that counts as testing or training, yet.

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Buttsy said...

So the TV secret is out...lots of good shows.....I have Power on my Polar HR monitor and havent played with it much yet, I dont know how accurate it is, I still focus on HR and time and effort in the legs when I train.....

I sometimes watch our only CTS dvd with music on as well, as I can probably recite the dvd so the music is a nice change