Saturday, November 10, 2007

11/10/07 Weekly Ride Report

I feel like I'm getting over the little cold that dragged me down a bit earlier in the week. I have a total of 117.20 miles to report for the week. I did 5 road bike rides, 3 were solo efforts and 2 were with groups.

One group ride was the Sunday cafe route. The other happened on Friday at lunchtime. Jeff and I had plans to ride with one other guy and the three of us ended up with a chance to meet up with two other guys we know for about 12 miles of the route. Those two guys are pretty fast, so I know they were holding back, but it was still a great feeling to work in a pace line with them.

The total distance was 28.83 miles. On the charts, the part where the five of us rode together is from about 5 miles to 17 miles, mostly down and back on a road with no crossings. The rest was just three of us. The overall average was 17.0 mph and the elevation gain was 1,533 feet.

This chart shows speed:

Here's the elevation:

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