Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Easy Rides This Week

Seems I’m not over trained or sore from my posture on the cx bike as previously speculated. I’ve come down with a low-grade cold that I can attribute the muscle aches to. So, bad news is that I have a cold, but good news is that the biking wasn’t hurting me!! Today, I’ll take a day off since it’s going to rain. I’ll do easy rides the rest of this week as long as I feel up to it.

Sunday, I did the (now pretty regular!) café stop group ride instead of a more intense ride I’d hoped to try. Yesterday morning, I did 24 miles solo and the cool, fresh air felt like it cleared my head a bit. I took it mostly easy, but couldn’t resist a more intense effort for the long, flat stretch along the beach as it seems silly to me to pedal that part slowly.

I stopped for a drink and photo break by the lychgate at a little churchyard.

Here’s my road bike a little closer up. The new X6 has been getting photographed a lot lately so I thought I should make sure to include a shot of my road bike!

Do you think it’s embarrassing to ride with someone who still has the plastic thingy on the rear wheel? I still haven’t removed it and so many people give me grief about that! Apparently, it makes me a geek!!


suitcaseofcourage said...

Yes, the plastic thingy . . . must . . . go . . . immediately.

Unless you wanna sandbag a race.

But maybe you like it? In which case, yes, you WILL be a geek.


madalyn said...

What is the rear wheel plastic thingy FOR, anyway?! Does it really serve any purpose?

Things I've pondered...

suitcaseofcourage said...

The plastic thingy (wish I knew the "official" name - oh, BRB...)is a "spoke protector" (thanks Google!) but what it actually does is keep your chain from getting wedged and jammed between your largest cog/sprocket and the spokes on the rear wheel. In that sense, it's more of a "drivetrain protector" than anything else.

But it's useless if you have a properly adjusted and limited rear derailleur, which is why most serious cyclists don't use one.

And think of all the weight savings! ;^)

The cynical part of me is convinced that it's just an inexpensive way to keep a cheap derailleur from causing trouble. Using them with nice components like Sarah's Ultegra makes no sense.

But maybe it gives some poorly-trained mechanic some cover.

Bottom line, if your derailleur is properly adjusted it won't allow the chain to come off the large cog and there's no need for the protector. And if the derail's poorly adjusted, then the protector is just a band-aid solution. Best to get thee to a good mechanic (or adjust the limit screw on the derailleur yourself).

knitseashore said...

He says this now, but I think I still have the plastic thingy on my bike too. Guess Mr. Suitcase isn't afraid of hanging out with a geek like me, LOL. :)

Devorah said...

O.k., you all made me go look at our bikes. No plastic thingys, but then I have no idea if they even came with them.