Friday, November 30, 2007

November Wrap Up

I finished up November with a 24.54 mile ride today. It was 34 degrees and breezy when I set out and my toes were pretty frozen by the time I got back, though I was otherwise pretty comfortable. The views and sunshine helped to keep me going. At one point, I was picking my line slowly through a potholed, patch on patch section of road and noticed this hawk perched overhead on a power line. I didn't think it would stay there while I dug in my coat for the camera with clumsy full fingered gloves and then 'woke up' the camera, but it did! I guess it was too cold to bother with flapping away.

Along with dropping temperatures, we had a lot of rain in November which I didn't want to go out to ride in. Then we had some holiday things scheduled toward the end of the month, so it was a little harder to stay on track and get the miles.

I managed to ride a total of 19 days and 525.48 miles. The cx bike has been put to a lot of use as it's great for mashing over acorns, sticks and leaves that litter the roads this time of year. I used it on 13 rides and my road bike for just 6 rides. I don't see many other bikers outside now and only did 2 group rides this month. Jeff did 8 rides with me, but I had to do 11 solo efforts to get the miles I wanted.

Here's the inevitable chart. I know, not exciting blog fodder, but these little bars help keep me motivated, so you'll have to live with it!


Devorah said...

You are truly an inspiration. I will try to remember all your miles when I hop on the trainer for my 1/2 hour tomorrow. ;-)

Colin R said...

i'm just a random racer passin' through, so you don't have to listen to me.

but i see a mileage chart with 3000+ miles on it...

i see a picture of a cross bike, or at least a bike with top mount levers on it...

I see pics from the Stedman GP...

...and i see the phrase "Not sure I’ll have the nerve to try racing."

The message is clear.

Do a women's 3/4 cross race next year. You won't be anywhere near last. You will have more fun than you thought possible on a bike.

The only way to know if I'm lying is to try it.