Sunday, November 11, 2007


It was a cold ride for Jeff and I today. No one else braved the weather with us! The best part was jumping back into the sun-warmed cab of the truck at the end! Here’s Jeff, styling in his skully and showing the average for the day.

He can actually pull off the shades and skully look. I quite like this shot of him!

On the other hand, I can’t work the skully look, and opted to go with really bad hat head. Oh man, maybe I shouldn’t be posting this shot!

How cold was it? The high temperature during our ride was 35.6 degrees with a NNW wind direction and wind speed of 11.5-14.9. We rode 25.44 miles at 16.5 mph average with a quick stop to share a coffee and cookie mid-way. It’s so hard to ride in the cold. You want to go fast enough that you get warmed up, but not so fast that the wind-chill becomes unbearable!


suitcaseofcourage said...

AH! BION, I actually got out myself on Sunday for a long ride. You're right - it was COLD. Sure, I don't ride all during the nice warm October and decide to ride then.

Jeff looks very scary. Sure that's him? I hardly recognize him! Glad not to bump into him in an alley!

Scary J said...

Anyone would look scary after their first 35 degree ride of the season. Did I mention it was 35? Fahrenheit? The look of grim determination was mostly about wanting to find copious quantities of hot coffee and/or water.