Saturday, November 3, 2007

11/3/07 Weekly Ride Report

I accumulated 146.43 miles this week over 5 days of riding. (3 road bike rides and 2 cx rides. 2 solo rides, 3 with Jeff and 2 of those were group rides.)

I took yesterday and today off to let my body rest and refresh for an upcoming group ride. Lately, I've noticed that my muscles are tired and don't have much extra output when I want to sprint or power uphill. It's probably a case of 'over training'. It may also be related to a lot of miles on the new 'cross bike which works my muscles a little differently.

Friday, I got this Winter 2007 special publication from Cycling Weekly magazine. I haven't had a chance to do more than browse through, but I think there's some stuff in here that will help me manage my winter riding. There are articles on what to wear, what to eat and some sample training schedules as well as articles on the body's physiology.

The leaves are really falling now. The ones already on the ground keep getting caught between my wheel and brake and make a scraping noise until I can reach down and pull them out. The ones drifting down from the tree limbs can be a hazard as they seem to aim straight for my sunglasses! Twice, I’ve had soggy leaves plastered over one lens like some sort of eye patch and had to peel them away! Nonetheless, they are pretty.

Here's Jeff doing his first bit of trail riding earlier this week on his new X6.

This is just a very short path, but it's fun to get off the pavement even for just a few moments.

Most of my pics are shot from the saddle, but off pavement, I definitely stop and plant both feet first!

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