Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't hold your breath,

but a little running might happen now that I at least have some shoes to do it in. It's so humid today that I worked at getting through my list of chores that involved being in air conditioned buildings. I may have had a little heat stroke from going out in the sun between stores as I ended up in the Eastern Mountain Sports store spontaneously buying these trail runners!!

I hope to try them out soon along some roads and on the nearby Sakonnet Greenway trails (that don't allow bikes!). I'll be the weirdo running in padded bike shorts, until I get some running ones ;)


kate said...

yay! get some new shorts quick though ;)

Michael said...

I MISS EMS! But my wallet doesn't. We lived close to the store in Perterborough, NH, and never left without spending way too much money. Loved that store.

Good luck with the running.

madalyn said...

I only do road running (no trail running for me), but I really do feel like cross training between running and biking is a good thing. It's enough diversity in my workouts that I don't get too bored with either activity. And, it's nice to tone up a different set of muscles!