Saturday, July 18, 2009

The First "Run" (

After shelling out for the trail runners today, I felt like I couldn't let them just sit in the box, so I went for a test run this evening. I hoped a positive attitude would get me through it and the biking fitness might carry over a bit.

I optimistically picked a route mostly off road. It turned out to be 4.30 miles (I posted it wrong on Twitter and Facebook earlier). I ran some of it, jogged slowly for most and walked a few bits like the muddy areas and some of the hill at the end.

My aerobic fitness was fine as my legs couldn't go fast enough to cause me to have any breathing trouble, LOL! I really felt it in my feet and I guess groin to hip, some muscle there was not happy. Trail running is hard too because I had to pick up my feet so far and place them somewhat carefully and try not to have too much lateral movement which I am not used to at all. There was crushed stone that got tiring as it made me slip back a little with each step.

The trail was very pretty. Here are a couple of turn stiles by a cow pasture.

Boardwalks and bridges keep you out of the worst of the mud.

Have you ever noticed that it's impossible to take a pic of your own foot that doesn't make your leg look weird? The shoes felt really good so far.

After the exercising, I thought it would feel good to wade in the cold ocean, so we took the dogs over to the town beach. It's very rocky there, but we had a good time. Silas even saved one of my flip flops when a wave took it off my foot and started to carry it away from shore! Then, he thought the flip flop belonged to him and barked at my feet, wanting it back!

I'm not sure how much of a rest I'll need after today's run, but hopefully I'll get out there on my feet again soon!


ribuck97 said...

Not to scare you or anything... but coming from someone who is running with prior knee problems, going too many miles too early is a sure fire way to injury. Four plus miles is a lot!

Be careful! Wouldn't want to see you injured.

Hope you enjoy the trail running.

kate said...

that was quick, i was expect a few days between purchase and trail! maybe we need some kinda running challenge ;)

jumbly said...

Yay for new running shoes! Being able to paddle in the sea after a run is making me a bit jealous.

Red Bike said...

It was weeks before I would take my 'new' trainers running off-road.

I didn't like the idea of getting them wet.