Sunday, July 19, 2009

"No matter what..."

Sometime last week I said to Jeff, "Let's go mountain biking this weekend, no matter what." That was before I bought the new trail runners and did 4.30 miles on a whim! In fact, when I set up the mtn bike 'date' with Jeff, if you had told me I'd be doing a run like that yesterday, I wouldn't have believed you and laughed hysterically at the very idea!

Apparently the run didn't excuse me from mountain biking! Since I wasn't really feeling that bad, just tired with achy shoulder blades and some muscle pain in the groin/hip area, I agreed to go as long as Jeff got the bikes ready and lifted them in and out of the truck. We went to Freetown State Forest to ride.

I haven't biked off road in ages, so I was quite pathetic, but it was so fun anyway. I had to walk over the large cobble washouts and picked my way on foot around a couple of very muddy, yellowy-green, frog filled puddles after very nearly going in one. My body felt fine as long as I was on the bike, but it was hard going when I walked.

We actually rode right through this sort of puddle easily, but it got quite boggy further on and I didn't feel inclined to get the camera out and be easy mosquito food.

Are we there yet?

Jeff got us to 'The Ledges', our goal, before turning and heading back to the start.

The loop we did came out to 10.42 miles.


Red Bike said...

Much to everyones amusement I often walk around puddles too. I hate getting half way through them then finding my shoes and pedals disapear under the muddy water.

sarah said...

I'd have looked like 'the Swamp Thing' if I'd fallen in one of those froggy puddles! It seemed less embarrassing to walk a little then probably falling and having to haul myself and the bike out of that muck! Guess it would have made quite a picture for the blog though ;)

knitseashore said...

Just catching up on your posts here. Congratulations on your new running shoes! I really admire you for trying that, and in the middle of summer too! Hopefully you aren't too sore and the mountain biking ride was OK.

We're looking forward to the sunflower ride with you!