Thursday, February 5, 2009

Computrainer Set Up

Wednesday night, after going out to a group computrainer session for an interval workout using the CTS Cycling for Power dvd, we were ready to spend the rest of the evening sitting around reading the material that came with our new trainer and beginning the process of setting it up. Jeff attached the resistance unit to the stand.

It was easy to tighten the bike onto the trainer. We fastened the cadence magnet on the crank arm and the sensor fastens to the chain stay with a Velcro strap, though we didn't get to that just yet. It's easy to plug the wires from the HR monitor and resistance unit into the computer unit, then just one wire goes from that to the laptop.

Tonight, we installed the software onto my laptop that resides next to the TV partly for the convenience of watching free internet cycling video, like Stage 6 of the TDU on Versus last month (shown in pic). We don't get cable, so we try to find the current cycling events online.

Anyway, the software was straightforward to install. One disk is actually just directions and the other has all the program stuff. Soon, we had our first glimpse of a track and virtual ride buddy. I didn't have the window quite centered on the TV screen so it's a tiny bit cropped in the pic. Jeff was on my bike in sock feet and jeans just pedaling a little to check that stats were getting from the bike to the screen.

Then, we installed the Ironman UK disk and briefly checked that we could get that started up. I'll make the window fill the screen when we do it for real. The video really does speed up and slow down to match your pedaling speed!

The trainer and bike are in the same place we've been using the Kinetic in the front hall with a clear view of the TV through the double doorway. The only thing I still need to get is the mat to protect the floor. I'll admit that we've been using a couple of super thick sheets of cardboard under the trainers temporarily, but that won't do for much longer! We want to make a little stand for the computer unit to go next to the bike like they are at the shop rather than on the handlebar.

Now that things are set up and working, we just have to explore all the possibilities! That's going to take quite some time and be quite motivating too!


trio said...

Looking good, all very exciting!

Glenn_in_MA said...

very, very cool!!

Buttsy said...

It looks like so much fun....(oh and the sweaty working hard and getting fitter stuff too)....have fun...

Devorah said...

Very cool! That may be our next trainer.

We've got a foam pad and two rag runners (from Ikea) under the trainer. They protect the floor and placate our downstairs neighbor.