Wednesday, February 4, 2009


After waiting much of the day for UPS, jumping up whenever I heard a truck and glumly watching a UPS man deliver to the neighbor and then drive away without stopping here, I checked the tracking status and saw 'delivered'...What?!...I checked the back step and there it was, apparently delivered by the world's most stealthy UPS man. The dogs didn't even know about it!

Once I wrestled the box inside, it had to be checked out.

It was deemed intolerably dull, by dog standards, judging by the yawn attack that ensued.

In case you are wondering what you get in the box, here's the first look inside with the 'free' Ironman DVD that was included as part of the winter sale. We picked the UK one.

Once you haul out the box in the middle and the packing on each side, you see the support for the front wheel, the stand part of the trainer and the software/reading materials.

The box in the middle contains the resistance unit and computer.

I'll wait for Jeff to be home to take part in the assembly and set up and probably have a post for you soon on how that works out!


SaFfY dOg said...

AnOtHer Box? Yaawwwwnnn!! U sHouLd OrDEr Mor cookeez fOr DoGS!

Suitcase of Courage said...


And now the merging of bike passion and computer game passion is complete :^)

But how do you corner on it? %^)

Can't wait to see it in person!

knitseashore said...

Congratulations! Enjoy!! (Much better than outdoor rides this week!)

Itchy Bits said...

So do you have to ride your trainer in front of the PC?

sarah said...

Itchy Bits, I'll have a laptop and a TV in front of the trainer. The trainer will be hooked into the laptop and the TV will display data or video. I'll do a post about setting it up soon!

ribuck97 said...


So when are we doing the ironman DVD? Someone on the CT and then the others on the KK?

sarah said...

ribuck, We definitely have to try that! Of course, I still haven't seen the elevation profile, so I may regret my words ;)