Friday, February 27, 2009

New Reading

I had a rest today and spent my 'bike time' at the bookstore to treat myself to a couple of books I've been wanting. I have fun generating and looking at all the data from my rides: the Garmin with HR outside and the computrainer with power, etc. inside. I'd like to understand it more and learn how to use it effectively. I think developing a bit of a plan will be motivating and probably good for my health as well.

If you have any advice or can refer me to other good books or online sources, please let me know.

It's something I'll ease into. I know I'm not going to make sense of it all overnight! And I'm prepared, if it gets too complicated, I can take breaks and stare at fashion pics or food for awhile since I got a couple of 'fluff' items too ;) I've been in the mood to cook lately and try some new things. Anyone else crave dark leafy greens and other vitamin rich foods this time of year more than ever? I can't get enough baby spinach lately!

I keep thinking I'm at the end of the cold, but it just lingers on. Everyone who has had it says the same thing. It's more annoying than painful at this point, just pressure in my head. Guess I'll just take it easy a bit longer.


Glenn_in_MA said...

See...I wasn't kidding when I mentioned 2 weeks! Mine is finally gone and I celebrated with my short ride last Sat. Now if I can get back in the blogging mode I'll be back to! It will pass shortly.

Michael said...

A couple of books I found useful were Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness, and Joe Friel's Cycling Past 50. I think that last one may be good no matter how old you are. You can't go wrong with Bobke II - no training info, but it doesn't matter.It's more for inspiration. Wish I could find a copy of Bobke.

Sprocketboy said...

The 4th Edition of the Friel training bible is about to come out (sorry about that!) but I would also highly recommend the books I have included in my blog (just search under "book" at I have recently been doing some training books. In addition, there are some wonderful on-line resources: I use Arnie Baker's High Intensity Training e-book as the core of my workouts, and he has a lot of good stuff on his website:

If you don't get it already, sign up for a free subscription for a great newsletter at This comes out most Thursdays and is a fun read.

And you simply must read Tim Krabbe's "the Rider" if you have not done so!