Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last Week

I did 5 days of riding and 100.90 miles all on the trainer this past week. I decided to take Friday and Saturday off to rest and try to recover from the cold I'm fighting. Yesterday was actually my worst day and I napped, read all of my new Peter Robinson book and watched the AToC. I think I'm feeling a bit better today, so hopefully I'll be healthy soon!

As if the head cold wasn't making it hard enough to breathe, Silas stupidly charged a skunk last night and stinks! He feels sheepish and insecure since we aren't petting him, so he wants to be as close as possible for reassurance! Ack! Luckily Saffy was sensible and did not get sprayed.

I'm looking forward to the last Stage of the AToC today, but am afraid I will go into withdrawal when it's over!


kate said...

maybe some skunk air will clear your head?! well done though for keeping the mileage up

jumbly said...

Can't believe how many miles you've done while sick. Well done!

And, yuck! Skunk really do smell rancid don't they? I've heard if you wash your dog in tomato juice it neutralises the stench. Another option could be to mix the juice with vodka for a bloody mary and hope you're just too merry to notice the smell!

zanne said...

100 miles on the trainer?! That is some serious dedication! Now you need to try the rollers!

GenghisKhan said...

Colds suck. Mine went secondary infection--imagine a boy not going into the docs soon enough! Get better soon!