Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been trying not to have a pity party during my cold, but it does get tiresome to be sick and who doesn't like presents to help feel better? Therefore, it was extra fun to get my new shorts and jersey in the mail from Team Estrogen today. The free post it notes will be useful too. Both items are good, so I might order a couple more sets in a week or so. (Definitely want to relegate my older shorts to trainer time only, just in case they are getting thin!)

Jeff brought this chocolate bonbon home for me at lunchtime. Under the crunchy chocolate coating was a very chocolaty brownie-like cake. Yummm!

After lunch, we ran out to the bookstore to pick up a brand new book by my favorite author out this week. I have to try to take more than 1 day to read it and be sure to savor it. I love a good police procedural mystery!

Otherwise, I have been glued to AToC TT on today!


kate said...

what more could a woman want :)

Groover said...

Oh, look at this brownie bonbon cake thingy. Who needs leafy greens when you can have chocolate with little sugar hearts on top? LOL

The Pearl Izumi jersey looks nice, too.