Saturday, October 13, 2007

10/13/07 Weekly Ride Report

Autumn has arrived with cooler temps and rain, so my total went down this week to just 95.29 miles spread over four days of riding. However, I have to say that every mile was especially fun this week. And that's saying a lot since I *really* like riding my bikes!

Sunday, I rode the cx bike while Jeff used his road bike. He wanted to see the X6 out rolling again for just the second time since I got it! Then, I did two solo cx rides incorporating some off pavement stretches and laps around a big field where I also practiced tightening up my turns around some trees in a corner of the field. I really have to convince myself to commit 100% to whatever I'm trying to do as it's when I hesitate that I run into trouble. Also, I have to remember to look out ahead of me on the turn to where I want to go rather than worrying about and fixating on the terrain immediately under my wheel (not so easy to do off road, but at least the field is relatively flat).

Later in the week, we were invited to join a group ride on Saturday morning. We'd heard about this group before, but had never ridden with them. Everyone was welcoming and friendly! A dozen riders showed up and we did a scenic 30 mile ride with a short coffee/scone break in the middle. It looks like this will become a regular group for us to ride with, in fact, we're meeting up again tomorrow!

Saturday's ride was our coldest of the season so far. The temperature was 48 degrees as we started out and 53 by the time we finished! It was a bit of a shock after the extended summer we had!

Here's another pic of my cx bike from a break on one of my solo rides. I always love places where the land meets the sky, in this case a field of shrubs for the wholesale nursery business.

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Devorah said...

You are a very brave woman! Enjoy today's ride.