Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunny But Chilly

The excitment of a new bike has certainly not worn off yet! Today, we did 30 miles on the X6's and I was happy to have sunshine for taking pictures of Jeff. The blue jacket is new. It's the Pearl Izumi 'barrier' jacket and we got it Saturday along with the bike.

We played around on some gravel (just a parking lot by a boat landing).

Jeff can already dismount...carefully.

He rode through some sand that had drifted across the beach road, but I didn't manage to get it in the frame. I still like this shot ;)

A pretty marshy bit.


Christina said...

The new bike (and jacket) look good in action. You look like you're having warmer weather than here!! I'm been wearing my new long leggings for about a fortnight now ;)

suitcaseofcourage said...

Beautiful pics, as usual! What a great day - and the new jacket looks great. Watch those dismounts!