Thursday, October 18, 2007

Still Wearing the Summer Kit in October!

Looking at the calendar, I would have thought it was time to put the shorts and tee shirts away for the winter, but we are having the strangest weather. The temperature was 70 degrees today during our late afternoon ride! We did one of our regular routes, a 21 mile loop. Jeff is still waiting for his back ordered 'cross bike, so he was on his CAAD8, but I rode my X6.

I snapped a few pics of Jeff riding along one of the foggy beaches. I am already comfortable enough on my X6 to take pictures while pedaling at about 20 mph!

This picture is almost the same as the one above with the better view of the water, but I had to post it as well because it shows off Jeff's muscled biker legs! (He's going to be embarrassed that I've posted that!)

It looks like we'll have a rest day tomorrow while some rain moves through the area, but then the weather looks warm and sunny for rides Saturday through Monday!

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knitseashore said...

Yes, once the rain stops we should have some great riding weather this weekend. I hope to get out too.