Friday, October 5, 2007

Thick Fog/Full Sun All in One Ride

Thinking it was a bright sunny day I set off for the beaches this morning for more practice riding on my new X6. The beaches were blanketed in fog! I rode over to see the Olympic Sailing Trials, but only a few boats were close enough to shore to be visible. It must be totally disorientating to be on the water in fog like that!

So I headed back uphill and was out of the fog again at about 100' above sea level. It felt quite hot out of the fog, so I headed for some shady lanes including this one.

I think this is the biggest tree of the bunch, but I'm not sure as there are quite a few really big ones!

When I got home, the latest Narragansett Bay Wheelmen Club newsletter was in the mail. Jeff and I are *sort of* pictured riding with a friend. (This is a picture I took of the newsletter page.)


jeff said...

Of course that's one of our regular riding buddies there in the front. I won't name names. He knows who he is!

Devorah said...

Your wheel looks quite lovely in the photo. *grin*