Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Bike Bliss

I rode 24 miles this morning and stopped for a picture by one of the beaches. I was able to ride along a bumpy beach road that I won't do on my road bike and just pedal through some sand that had drifted across the road. At another part of the ride, I turned down a partially washed out gravel shoreline access road for some off pavement fun.

After the first weekend rides, I went back to the shop Monday for a slightly shorter stem and now feel very comfortable with the reach. I don't think the first one was totally wrong, but I think my preference is to have the handlebar a little closer. I definitely feel more in control and feel like I can use the brakes/shifters more efficiently too.

Although I quite like the saddle, I will have to get one that lines up with my sit bones for longer rides. I think I can get a pretty similar version for women. When that arrives, I'll have the shop check fit once more, but I don't think it's going to need much fussing with.

The Candy SL pedals are working well for me now. I did have some trouble initially getting the left one to clip in, so I put the bike in the trainer and finally got it clipping in without having to push so hard on it. I think they just required a little breaking in.

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