Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Group Ride Fueled by Coffee and Snacks

Jeff and I went on another group ride this morning and I remembered the camera this time! Although I still wish I'd had it yesterday so I could have shared scenes of everyone at the beach and all our bikes lined up along a stone wall. Due to a rather wild party the night before, only three others showed up to bike, though a couple more managed to drive to the coffee break spot!

The coffee spot is in an old barn surrounded by gnarled apple trees.

There are quaint old New England buildings all around and a view of the meeting house spire.

We lean our bikes on the trees, select our coffee and baked goods and gather at huge picnic tables arranged on the lawn. It's fun to see bikes everywhere you look!

Around the edges of the stone wall lined lawn are gardens with some last fall blooms like these dahlias.

A cold, slow bee was gathering some last pollen in the sunshine.

I'm not sure what these seed pods are called, but I loved the color and funny spiky look of them! Does anyone know?

We pedaled 25 miles in all and enjoyed slightly warmer temps than the day before!


Jeff said...

That big yellow jacket of mine was attracting lots of little yellow jackets, which is why it was hanging on the bike. A warm day in October, with sugary sports drinks and cookies seems to have been the main attraction for the little blighters, but when they got tired of buzzing around they seemed to think I was a good place to rest.

Christina said...

That looks a great bike ride - lovely photos. How come it's so nice and sunny where you live? Perhaps I should relocate to the states!!

knitseashore said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful autumn ride! The weather has been great so far.

sarah said...

Christina, I think we are seeing global warming here! It's been very dry and we wouldn't mind getting some rain. Fortunately, it looks like we'll get some on Friday and I'll get a rest day from biking! It's funny, I have such a romantic idea of Wales and think the landscape of rocky outcrops in the rain is lovely!

suitcaseofcourage said...

Sounds like a perfect group ride! Anything mixing cycling, coffee and baked goods is a WONDERFUL thing! IIRC, there was a time in Collinsville that was similar, though fewer bikes ;^)

How large is the group ride? Still trying to get one together out here...