Monday, October 1, 2007

September Wrap Up

I guess September always feels like the shortest month of the year to me, but this one seemed shorter than ever! This time of year, I feel compelled to ride as often as possible before the weather turns cold. I rode 21 days in all and 646.29 miles. (If one was to factor in all the test riding I did on the new 'cross bike it would be more, but I only count actual 'rides'.)

Since it amuses me to make charts from my data, here’s a miles by month chart. Hopefully with the new 'cross bike there will be a bit more winter riding in January and February '08 so I won’t feel weak by the time March arrives. I’ll try to use the trainer too, especially when it’s really rainy, like in April. I don’t really expect to ever increase my August riding by much as that hot, humid weather is so hard to exercise in. I feel content if I do at least 300 miles in a month, but I'm happier when I do 400 or more ;-)

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