Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Today's Ride Pics

I rode 25 miles today in fog and drizzle (frizzle?) and got off the pavement when possible to ride my X6 on the terrain it's made for! It's so fun!

Here is a view of the shoreline access road. A lot of the green along the edges of the road is stinging nettle! Better not fall!

The road ends with a drop off to the beach, so you'd better have some good brakes!

Later in the ride I biked around some very large fields. It's generally pretty congested feeling around where I live, so it's thrilling to ride around some wide open space!

I paused to snap a pic of the manor house through the trees. It looks like Europe, but I'm really in New England!

This is a little wooded trail off the fields that I want to explore further!

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Christina said...

I've been out on the trail today!! Your new bike looks fab, I think I've persuaded DH to get me a new bike, but we're saving up for it, so maybe in a month or so I might have some piccies too ;)